::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
 SMS Banking
SMS Banking is a services that allow the Customer to make transaction with Cellular Phone/Handphone via SMS (Short Message Services).
1.  Obtain information on Bank Bumi Arta services at any time directly from your mobile phone
2.  Access the account you have anytime and anywhere
3.  Conduct banking transactions without the limitation of time and place
4.  Bank Bumi Arta SMS Banking access is available 7 days x 24 hours
5.  Equipped with a PIN to secure the transactions you make
Type of Service
1.  Bank Bumi Arta SMS BANKING PHONE NUMBER : 0816 881 988
2.  Transfer of overbooking between Bank Bumi Arta accounts :
 - Current Account
 - Savings
3.  Change of PIN
4.  Notification of certain Credit Transactions to the Giro / Savings Account
5.  Information of Account Balance
6.  Information List of the Designated Account and the Origin Account
7.  Information of the SMS Writing Format
8.  Information of Foreign Exchange Rates
Features and Instruction SMS Banking
Feature Instruction
Balance Inquiry SAL<space>Sender ALIAS Code<space>PIN
Transfer between Bank Bumi Arta Accounts TRN<space>Sender ALIAS Code<space>ALIAS Code<space>Number of Transactions<space>PIN
Inquiry List Origin Account ACNO<space>PIN
Account list destination inquiry ACTO<space>PIN
SMS Banking PIN change PIN<space>New PIN<space>Old PIN
SMS Banking format info INFO<space>CODE**<space>PIN
Exchange Rates Info RATE<space>VALUTA**<space>PIN
SMS Banking Security
SMS Banking provide security to the Customer through :
1.  The mobile number that is registered by Customer become the Customers identity
2.  Sender account number and destination account number (for transfer) typed using a code known only by the customer
3.  PIN number is confidential and authorization of its use lies only on the customer
4.  Every transaction is verified by customers PIN
Terms and Condition
1.  SMS Banking customer is required to maintain the confidentiality of the PIN (Personal Identification Number) issued by the Bank and not give away the PIN to anybody.
2.  Customer is inquired to delete the sent box, after finishing a transaction with SMS Banking.
3.  Instruction message must be conformed to the format given.
Documents and Requirements
1.  Individual Customers of Giro / PRK / Savings account holder
2.  Fill out and sign the Form of Electronic Banking Facilities
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::
::: Bank Bumi Arta - Teman Anda Dalam Usaha :::